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Patient Education

Here you can find links to helpful videos and download links for some of Dr. Patterson's handouts.  Most handouts are password protected, so you will need the appropriate password from Dr. Patterson before you can open the file.

Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations

For lifestyle recomendations, click here.


HCG Instructional Video

For a link to a website with a helpful video, click here.

HCG Dilution Instructions

For instructions on diluting HCG, click here.


HCG Injections - Guide

For instructions on injecting HCG, click here.

Infertility Treatment Plan

For a handout on the basic infertility treatment plan, click here.


Infertility Overview

For an overview of infertility treatment with NaProTechnology, click here.


Infertility and Age

For information on infertility and age, click here.


Infertility Timeline

For an infertility timeline, click here.


Lifestyle Recommendations for Infertility

For lifestyle recommendations, click here.

Menstrual/Pelvic Pain Handout

For a dysmenorrhea handout, click here.

Mucus Enhancers

For a information about mucus enhancers, click here.

Naltrexone Solution

For information on making a low dose naltrexone solution, click here.

PCOS Handout

For information on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), click here.

Pelvic Pain Assessment 

For a pelvic pain assessment, click here.


PMS Checklist

For a PMS checklist, click here.

Post Menopausal Hormone Summary

For information about hormones used for post menopausal symptoms, click here.

Post Partum Depression Worksheet

For a worksheet to assess for post partum depression, click here.

Pregnancy Handout

For information about your pregnancy, click here.

Progesterone Injections - Video

For a link to a website with a helpful video, click here.

Progesterone Injections- Guide

For progesterone injection instructions, click here.


Vitamin B6 Protocol

For information on vitamin B6, click here.


Male Factor Supplements

For information on male factor suplements, click here.


Semen Analysis

For information on semen analysis, click here.

Follistim Injection Instructions

For information about how to give Follistim injections, click here

Or for a helpful video, click here



Wellness and Fertility Awareness


Five Reasons all Young Women Should Learn to Chart Their Cycles: click here.


Natural Love Story - click here.

Monitoring how a woman's body functions naturally - Fertility Care -  click here.  All men should know this also.  

Medical care for your reproductive health with NaProTechnology (a natural, cooperative, restorative approach) -  click here.



Women's Health and Fertility click here.

What every Woman has a Right to Know click here.

Unleashing the Power in a Woman's Cycle click here.

Slide Show:

St. Rose Women's Fertility click here.

Take Our Reproductive Health Screen: click here

"Yes" answers could indicate problems. If you have questions about your reproductive health screen, feel free to contact us using the "contact us" button above.


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